Real Chess: 2019

Sharpen your chess skills while journeying to become a seasoned pro! With our chess master instructors by your side, you’ll soon become a competitive and talented strategist. As you strive to dominate the chessboard, you’ll learn to solve problems and plan ahead efficiently. You’ll also gain an understanding of sportsmanship and tactical creativity. With each successful conquest, you’ll earn a special badge. You’ll even be able to watch your moves on a big screen in real time! Shake hands with chess professionals who are dedicated to passing on their knowledge to ambitious students like you. To help you become chess royalty, you’ll even receive your very own travel-sized chess board to take home with you. On the final day of camp, you’ll partake in an exciting tournament!

“Our daughters attended and loved it! They came home happy every day.  When I came to pick them up at the end of the day, they even said "awww"  because they didn't want to go home yet.”

Grades: 1 - 6   Price: $345 per week


No Real Chess: 2019 Camp this week!

No Real Chess: 2019 Camp this week!